Public Electric Car Charging Stations Have Sustained Urban Road Travel For years.

In this era of increasing environmental awareness, we deeply understand the importance of urban road public electric car charging stations. As a leading manufacturer of EV chargers, our products have always played an important role in the construction of urban road public electric car charging stations. Over the years, our EV chargers have injected inexhaustible power into green travel, extending the “endurance” of green travel.

Key Initiative in 2021: Deployment of Smart EV Charger

In 2021, we made a significant deployment of smart EV chargers on major urban roads, injecting new vitality into the city’s green travel. This deployment includes two of Sino Energy’s latest products: the PEVC3106E 60kW DC charger and the PEVC2201E 22kW AC charger.

Significant Results in 2024: Achieving Remarkable Results

Currently, three years after Sino Energy’s significant deployment of public electric car charging stations on major urban roads, we are proud to announce that this initiative has achieved remarkable results in the field of urban green travel. The PEVC3106E 60kW DC charger and the PEVC2201E 22kW AC charger have become powerful assistants for urban residents and tourists, providing them with more convenient and efficient EV charging services.

PEVC3106E 60kW DC Charger: Providing Rapid Charging Experience

The PEVC3106E is an innovative DC EV charger product of Sino Energy, featuring a slim design, rapid charging, and intelligent management. This DC charger can fully charge an electric vehicle in a short period, providing electric vehicle owners with longer driving ranges. With a thickness of only 240mm, it is thinner and more space-saving compared to traditional fast EV chargers, making it more suitable for installation on narrow urban roadsides. The deployment on major urban roads allows users of electric vehicles to access fast-speed charging services more conveniently, greatly improving the convenience of urban green travel.

PEVC2201E 22kW AC Charger: Providing Convenient Charging Options

The PEVC2201E is another popular AC EV charger product of Sino Energy, characterized by its compact and flexible design, as well as its high efficiency and stability. This AC charger is suitable for different models of electric vehicles, providing stable AC charging services. Its intelligent management system enables remote monitoring and fault diagnosis of the EV charger, ensuring smooth charging processes. The deployment on major urban roads allows more urban residents to conveniently charge their vehicles, promoting the popularization and development of the urban green travel concept.

Featured Smart EV Charger products

As a manufacturer of urban road public electric car charging stations, we will continue to focus on innovative EV technologies and product R&D, constantly improving the performance and service quality of EV chargers. We believe that through our efforts, urban road public electric car charging stations will continue to escort the future of green travel, contributing to the improvement of the urban environment.

The initiative to deploy new smart EV chargers on major urban roads signifies our commitment and contribution to the cause of green travel. We will continue to work hard to contribute our strength to the development of urban green travel! We thank all our partners for their support and trust, and look forward to working with more cities and communities to promote the practice and popularization of the green travel concept, making cities better and life more convenient! Let’s move forward hand in hand, tirelessly striving for the “range” of green travel!

Sino Energy is a trusted global manufacturer, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. We focus on EV public charging stations design, R&D, production, and marketing, and we can bring home and business EV car charging solutions.

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