2 Years of Operation for Fast EV Charging Stations at Business Parks

Since its launch more than two years ago, the business park EV charging station has become a vital support for sustainable urban mobility. We are pleased to announce that this service has now been operational for two full years. As a manufacturer of EV chargers, we take pride in the development and establishment of EV public charging stations within urban business parks. The introduction of these fast EV charging stations has not only altered the landscape of urban mobility but has also injected new momentum into the city’s sustainable development efforts.

Implement Advanced EV Charging Products to Continuously Improve User Experience

In 2022, the business park was equipped with state-of-the-art PEVC3107E DC EV charging stations. Each PEVC3107E is equipped with two fast-charging guns, allowing simultaneous charging for two electric vehicles. The PEVC3107E features intelligent charging, overload protection, short-circuit protection, and other functions, effectively reducing safety risks during the charging process, and making it the preferred choice for our customers. To enhance the safety level of the business park, we have also installed canopies based on the usage of the PEVC3107E DC EV charging stations. We strive to provide customers with the latest electric vehicle charging technology support, endeavoring to deliver efficient and convenient charging services for electric vehicles throughout the park.

Since the introduction of Sino EV Charger to the business park, we have continuously worked to improve service levels to meet the growing demand for electric vehicle charging. Sino EV Charger aims to provide users with a convenient and efficient charging experience, making a positive contribution to environmentally friendly urban travel.

Over the past two years, in order to provide a better user experience, we have focused on optimizing the electric vehicle charging service process and improving the operational stability and safety of the fast EV charging stations. We have established a charging station data monitoring and fault diagnosis mechanism to promptly identify and resolve any issues with the fast EV charging stations, ensuring their normal operation. Additionally, we have designated personnel responsible for the regular inspection and maintenance of this EV public charging stations, ensuring the normal operation of the EV charging Products in the business park, effectively eliminating users’ charging “anxiety.”

Stable Operation and Extensive Coverage

To date, the fast EV charging stations in the business park continue to operate stably and have extensive coverage, providing users with convenient charging anytime and anywhere, whether on busy weekdays or leisurely weekends. Our goal is to provide users with a worry-free charging experience and contribute to the sustainable development of the city.

2 Years of Operation for Fast EV Charging Stations at Business Parks (2)
2 Years of Operation for Fast EV Charging Stations at Business Parks

Driving Sustainable Mobility Forward

The introduction of fast EV charging stations in the business park signifies a solid step forward for us in the field of sustainable mobility. In the future, we will continue to innovate and drive the development of green travel, powering the city’s pursuit of a better life!

We sincerely appreciate the support of our users and the trust of our customers. Let us join hands to build a green future and charge towards a better life! If you are ready to add or expand your electric vehicle charging business, please contact Sino EV Charger to experience the charm of the charging revolution and jointly create a green future!

About Sino EV Charger

Sino Energy is a trusted global manufacturer, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. We focus on EV public charging stations design, R&D, production, and marketing, and we can bring home and business EV car charging solutions.

Founded in 2006, with headquarters in Zhuhai, Sino Energy’s mission is to deliver exceptional value and quality EV chargers and services to customers around the world. SINO ENERGY has offered high-quality EV chargers and high-efficiency charging solutions for family and commercial use in more than 80 countries. For more about Sino EV chargers, please visit our company page or contact info.sino@pmac.com.cn for further information or to schedule a visit to our factory.

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