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Customized EV Charging Stations for Homes and Businesses


From cutting-edge DC and AC charging stations to a wide selection of accessories, SINO ENERGY offers high-quality products that deliver reliable performance. Our products are built with advanced technology and tailored to various industries, providing efficient charging solutions for electric vehicles. Explore our product listings and unlock the power of customization with SINO ENERGY today.

DC EV Charging Staions

The PEVC3401E series offers the best value with CE certification and OCPP 1.6J communication in a perfect size to fit almost any application.
The PEVC3106E series boasts a space-saving design, compatible with a wide range of electric vehicles, suitable for various locations.

The PEVC3107E series is designed for quick charging in both public and private locations, providing high-efficiency charging.

The PEVC3108E series is certified by CE /TUV/OCPP1.6 FULLY CERTIFIED and complies with international safety standards.

AC EV Charging Staions

The PEVC2107E series boasts a sleek, elegant design with superior equipment performance and all-around protection functions.
The PEVC2201E series is designed to ensure form meets function and quality meets international safety standards.

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SINO ENERGY Charging Station Card Reader ensures secure and efficient charging services. Personalized card access, tracking your history for easy billing.
The AC double plug series is available in type 2 to type 2 and type 1 to type 2, allowing it to easily plug into any charging socket and charging station.
Combine Measuring and Electricity Monitoring Into One; Reliable Data Transfer; Multiple Communication Protocols; Remote Support and Engineering Simplification.


OUR APP for more convenient charging. Easily control and monitor SINO ENERGY EV chargers. Have full control.

The China CSMS cloud platform simplifies charging station operations and optimizes EV charging for commercial use.

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Your Trusted EV Charging Solutions Provider

With 10+ years of experience, we offer innovative EV charging solutions. With 500+ patents and 300+ software copyrights, we deliver reliable and quality charging infrastructure for smarter e-mobility. Our global presence spans 50+ countries, delivering maximum value and reliability to customers worldwide.

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Strict product quality control
At SINO ENERGY, product quality is our top priority. We implement a rigorous quality control process to ensure that our EV chargers and charging stations meet the highest standards. From research to manufacturing, every step is closely monitored to guarantee reliable performance and user safety.
Rich industry cases, customized solutions

At SINO ENERGY, our expertise shines through our rich industry cases and ability to provide tailored solutions. With a wealth of experience in EV infrastructure, we offer innovative and flexible charging solutions for diverse applications. From commercial fleets to residential settings, we deliver cutting-edge EV chargers, ensuring efficient charging experiences.

Faqs About SINO ENERGY‘s EV Charging Stations

Our products are certified by TUV, CE, OCPP, etc. For more details, please visit the product page.

Of course, we are the original factory, have our own R&D team, production base, and support OEM/ODM, please contact us “” for cooperation information.

The standard of the product, such as European standard, American standard, or Japanese standard. Ask our sales staff for details.

In the early stage, we can inspect our R&D, production and office bases through remote video mode. When the order is in progress, we can report the progress of the product through text reports, recorded videos, and live broadcasts.

Yes, we have a dedicated team to deliver custom solutions based on your specifications.Please send details to our email.

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