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Charging solutions for commercial

Elevate your business with SINO ENERGY's cutting-edge EV charging infrastructure tailored to commercial settings. Boost customer satisfaction, employee convenience, and environmental commitment. From parking lots to corporate campuses, we provide efficient, reliable, and scalable charging solutions to electrify your business.

Benefits of SINO ENERGY's Commercial Charging Solution

Faster charging for busy environments, attracting eco-conscious customers, and generating extra revenue. It supports sustainability and engages customers.
Increase Revenue


EV drivers often spend more time waiting for their EVs to charge in commercial spaces. Offering EV charging in commercial spaces extends driver stays, boosts spending, and engages more with your business.

Cost Savings


Commercial charging powered by cheaper electricity, provides a cost edge over traditional fuels. This slashes carbon emissions, waste management, cleaning costs, and carbon-related taxes.

Boost Visibility


Let EV charging stations appear on public charging maps, not only catering to current customers but attracting new clients who discover your business online.

Wide Selection


We offer a wide selection of high-quality, weatherproof, lightningproof commercial EV charging stations. From 3kw to 480kw of power demand, SINO ENERGY can meet.



Our commercial EV charging stations are designed to quickly and efficiently charge customers’ electric vehicles, minimizing downtime and saving valuable waiting time.

Safety Assurance


We specialize in providing excellent safety protection performance for commercial EV charging stations. Regular testing to comply with evolving standards so that customers can rest assured of charging their EVs.

Global Cases of SINO ENERGY's Commercial Charging Solution

Choose SINO ENERGY's Commercial EV Charging Stations

For your commercial charging soltution needs, SINO ENERGY offers cutting-edge, intelligent, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and cost-effective solutions.


DC EV Charging Station
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120kW / 160kW / 240kW
DC EV Charging Station
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60kW / 120kW / 160kW
DC EV Charging Station
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DC EV Charging Station
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240kW / 360kW / 480kW
Dynamic Split Charging Sytstem
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3kW / 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW
AC EV Charging Station
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3kW / 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW
AC EV Charging Station
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Free Up Your Time

The All-New Upgraded Charging Management App

The SINO app offers many options for easy commissioning and operation of the charging systems. Simple, everywhere, transparent!
With the app, you intuitively monitor and control the charging and check kW consumption over different time periods. Power.In Your Hands.Unrivalled Bluetooth connectivity.Impressively smart extraordinary family app

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