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PEVC3401E DC EV Charger 30kW

Sino Energy Commercial AC EV Charging Station

OEM & ODM Custom Manufacturer

Bring fast to your business charging

PEVC3401E series DC electric vehicle charger – the top choice for powering your new energy battery electric vehicle today. Designed for quick charging in both public and private locations, this EV charger is perfect for commercial fleet operators, EV infrastructure operators, service providers, and EV dealer workshops.


Business-Focused Design

Designed for business charging, wall-mounted and stand-mounted options for homeowners.

Compatible Charger Connectors

Supports widely used charger connectors, including CCS1, CCS2 and CHAdeMO.

Multi-directional protection

Multiple protection mechanisms, IP54 rating, dustproof and waterproof.

Smart Connectivity

Seamless integration with smart systems for efficient communication and control.

User Identification and Management

Optional RFID/App etc. for your family identification and management.

User-Friendly Operation

Easy to install and operate, ensuring a hassle-free charging experience for home users.

Reliable EV Charging Station Manufacturer

Sino Energy strives to design and R&D easy commercial EV charging stations, owning more than 500 invention patents and over 300 software copyrights. PEVC3401E features a user-friendly installation. This allows our partners to top up their electric vehicle customers’ charging in the fastest and safest manner.

3401 Certification certificate
PEVC3401E EV charging station
Charger model
Power Supply
Power Factor
IP, IK Level
Backend Protocol
Wall-mount | Stand-mount
5m ( Customizable )
IP54, IK10
Product Catalogue


Product Manual


Product Specification


New generation protocol, charging is not only faster

*Data Source Lab
Total Power of EVSEs
0 + kW
CMS Charging Orders
0 +
CMS Charging Time
0 + Hours

Case Reference

Down To Every Chip

The new generation of charging piles all use a new chip board design, which optimizes 15% of the space
3401E explosion diagram

multilingual interface

Triple-layer protection mechanism

Rapid cooling

IK10 & IP54+

Installation Guide

Thoughtful Tutorial
A brief description of the steps.Remove the two screws(M3) on the front cover,open the front cover, and then remove the internal screw (M6).
Play Video about video_cover

Faqs About SINO ENERGY Product

Our products are certified by TUV, CE, OCPP, etc. For more details, please visit the product page.

Of course, we are the original factory, have our own R&D team, production base, and support OEM/ODM, please contact” for cooperation information.

The standard of the product, such as European standard, American standard, or Japanese standard. Ask our sales staff for details.

In the early stage, we can inspect our R&D, production and office bases through remote video mode. When the order is in progress, we can report the progress of the product through text reports, recorded videos, and live broadcasts.

Yes, we have a dedicated team to deliver custom solutions based on your specifications.Please send details to our email.

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Our smart charging technology is available in all our charge points as standard, and allows your effectively manage your charge point.
With the SINO ENERGY app, you can instantly see the cost of every charge.

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