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Unleashing Innovation in Charging: SINO ENERGY's Cutting-Edge R&D

Embark on a journey of technological advancement with SINO ENERGY. Our cutting-edge research and development initiatives revolutionize the charging solutions industry. With our skilled engineers, advanced laboratories, and relentless pursuit of excellence, we are reshaping the future of electric mobility.

Core Technical Staff

Zhang Wei
Hardware engineer
Our hardware engineers are working tirelessly to create the most advanced charging infrastructure, introducing our cutting edge hardware technology!
Wang Yong

Electrical Engineer

We take great pride in our Electric Engineering Team’s ingenuity. They have meticulously designed charging stations, and optimized energy usage, propelling us toward a greener future!

Li Yu

Software testing engineer

Our meticulous software testing engineers leave no stone unturned in their pursuit of perfection. we guarantee that our charging stations are Through rigorous testing.

Unleashing Innovation through Rigorous Testing:
Sino's Quality Assurance and Performance Evaluation

Functional Testing

Excellent connectivity and efficient charging speed, ensuring worry-free charging for your vehicle.

Compatibility Validation

Compatible with multiple brands and models of electric vehicles, providing flexible charging solutions.

Environmental Evaluation

Adapts to various complex environmental conditions, consistently delivering reliable charging services.

Reliability Inspection

Endurance and high-load testing to ensure long-lasting and durable charging performance.

Safety Assessment

Comprehensive safety protection, ensuring the reliability of the charging process and user safety.

Software Testing

Stable and reliable software system, user-friendly interface, and intelligent remote control features.

Security Examination

Meets stringent electrical standards and specifications, providing a safe and reliable charging experience.

Innovative Research and Development at
SINO ENERGY's State-of-the-Art Laboratory

Experience the Power of Cutting-Edge Research and Testing at Sino’s Advanced Lab