DC EV Chargers

High-speed charging for EVs on the go. An investment in DC chargers can
help grow your business and meet the needs of the growing EV market.

Sino Energy PEVC3401E DC

Hassle-free charging that worksfor your business

PEVC3106E ev charging station
Sino Energy PEVC3106E DC

The powerful but thinner business DC EV charger

Sino Energy PEVC3107E DC

Our best-selling DCcharger for business locations

PEVC3108E ev charging station
Sino Energy PEVC3108E DC

Next generation of hassle-free business charging

PEVC3302E DC EV Charger
Sino Energy PEVC3302E DC

The powerful EV charging station that grows with your business

Charging management with

Sino Energy APP

Easy, intelligent, and monitor. Sino Energy APPlets you track, manage, and optimize electricvehicle charging from the palm of your hand

Sino Energy's DC EV Chargers Benefts

Guaranteed Performance

Sino Energy’s DC chargers up to960kw, meet home and commercialscenarios and are verifed by CE, TUV,OCPP, and RoHS.

Customized Service

With our OEM, ODM, and SKD services.you can offer unique products to themarket and shape your brand’s dis-tinctive identity.

Multi-scenario application

Our highly customizable and fexibleEV charging solutions can be seam-lessly deployed across a wide rangeof felds.

Why Choose Sino Energy?


Sino Energy is a trusted global electric vehicle charging stationmanufacturer, who is dedicated to changing the way the worlduses energy in the electric vehicle industry.

We focus on EV charging station design, R&D, production, andmarketing,enabling us to provide comprehensive electric vehiclecharging solutions for homes and businesses, including AC char-gers ranging from 3kW to 22kW, and fast DC charging stations upto 960kW.

In addition to our hardware offerings, we also provide a suite ofsupporting charging management software, which enables youto manage your charging stations more effciently.

Commercial Charging Solution

Highly reliable, flexible, and sustainable smart charging with your commercial.

Home Charging Solution

Easy, efficient, and effortless electric car charging at home.

Super Power Charging Solution

Sustainable, scalable fast charging for electric vehicles. ​

GBT Charging Solution

Top-quality, advanced, and seamless GB/T Charging for Enterprise Needs.

Faqs About Sino Energy‘s DC EV Chargers

Our DC EV chargers cover multiple power levels, typically ranging from 30 kW to 480 kW, and can be customized according to customer requirements.

1. Visit our official website: You can visit our official website and navigate to the relevant DC charger product page to view product information and specifications. Additionally, you can download the DC charger product specification sheet from the Help Center.
2. Contact our sales team: Directly reach out to our sales team to get the latest DC charger prices and detailed information. Please provide your specific requirements, and we will respond to your inquiry promptly.

Yes, our DC chargers have been sold and used in over 80 countries worldwide, including Europe, North America, South America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa, covering a wide range of market demands. If you need more information or references about our presence in your country’s market, please contact us.

Our DC EV chargers comply with multiple international standards, including IEC standards, CHAdeMO standards, CCS standards, TUV certification, CE certification, OCPP certification, and others. Our dual-gun DC EV chargers support various standard combinations, such as CCS standards and GB/T standards, ensuring product compatibility and safety on a global scale.

Yes, our DC chargers are designed to meet the standard requirements of major markets worldwide. If you have specific market requirements or certification needs, please get in touch with our sales team, and we will provide you with the necessary support and information.

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