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How to maintain your home EV charger

Ensure the longevity and safety of your electric car charger for home with our comprehensive guide. Learn essential maintenance tips, safety precautions, and how to perform routine checks on your electric vehicle charging station. Discover best practices for efficient charging and keep your EV ready for the road ahead. A must-read for all EV owners seeking to maximize their charger’s performance.

Home AC charger routine inspection and maintenance matters:

First, check the charging position cleanliness, there are no sundries, and there are no flammable and explosive objects around. Check whether there is any foreign matter on the surface of the charging charger;

Secondly, check whether the power supply and communication line connection of the charging charger are normal; check whether the fire protection facilities of the charging position meet the requirements of relevant regulations and check the maintenance records. ‍

  1. Check the color of the charging charger indicator and the status of the ev charger distribution box indicator.
  2. See if fault indication is reported on the display, if so repair it in time.
  3. Check whether the charging charger is broken and deformed; whether the charging gun guard and waterproof device are normal; whether the charging cabinet door lock is normal, whether the circuit breaker and lightning arrester are damaged; whether the charging charger grounding is normal; whether there is any peculiar smell inside; and whether the charging charger wiring connection is normal and whether there is any looseness.
  4. According to the internal odor of the charging charger diagnose whether there is a failure.
  5. Touch the surface of the charging charger with your hand to see if the temperature is too high and whether there is water vapor condensation inside.
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Observe whether the charging charger and its interfaces, door locks, power supply, wires, and other parts are damaged, deformed, or dropped and whether there are any signs of looseness.

Check the internal equipment of each control circuit board of the charging charger for aging, and see whether the indicators are within the normal value.

  1. ‍Don’t let heavy objects press on the power cord or step on the power cord artificially, and charging is prohibited if the charging wire is defective, cracked, worn, broken, or exposed.
  2. If you encounter display equipment failure please do not charge, you can contact the relevant staff of the maintenance for timely treatment.
  3. Charging on rainy days should be waterproof and moisture-proof measures before charging.

In conclusion, in order to ensure that the home car charging point can be used anytime and anywhere, to ensure the maintenance and servicing of the electric vehicle charging station, the clean electricity testing facilities, and the actual situation, it is necessary to establish a management file to specify a series of home charging station maintenance and servicing records, and to implement full process management of the equipment. If you encounter some common problems, this article may help you.

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