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Sino Energy Won the “Top 10 Competitive Brands in China’s EV Charging and Battery Swapping Industry for 2024”

On May 22, 2024, the award ceremony for the “Top 10 Brands in China’s EV Charging and Battery Swapping Industry for 2024” was grandly held in Shanghai, China. Sino Energy, with its leading technological innovation capabilities and brand influence, was honored as one of the “Top 10 Competitive Brands in China’s EV Charging and Battery Swapping Industry for 2024.”

EV Charging

The participating units for this evaluation were recommended by decision-making bodies, representatives of entrepreneurs, university research institutes, power grid companies, energy enterprises, charging and swapping manufacturers, operators, platform providers, and new energy vehicle manufacturers in the EV charging and battery swapping field. Simultaneously, the event invited dozens of experts in the industry to participate in the review process. This award is a high recognition of our company’s product strength, service capability, and industry influence in the EV charging and battery swapping sector. It also signifies the widespread acknowledgment of Sino Energy’s leadership in the green energy field.

EV Charging

Sino Energy is committed to promoting the application and development of green energy. Through continuous innovation and technology optimization, the company provides efficient, safe, and environmentally friendly EV charging solutions to its customers. Currently, Sino Energy has supplied high-quality electric car chargers and efficient EV charging solutions for residential and commercial use in over 80 countries and regions, receiving high praise from domestic and international customers for providing safer, more stable, and smarter charging services.

We are deeply honored to receive this accolade. In the future, Sino Energy will further increase investment in technology research and development, enhance the core competitiveness of its products and services, continuously expand the market, and promote the sustainable development of the charging and swapping industry. We will continue to be customer-oriented, providing exceptional value and quality EV chargers and services, and contributing to the thriving development of the new energy industry.

About Sino Energy

charging station supplier

Sino Energy is a trusted global manufacturer, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. We focus on EV public charging stations design, R&D, production, and marketing, and we can bring home and business EV car charging solutions.

Founded in 2006, with headquarters in Zhuhai, Sino Energy’s mission is to deliver exceptional value and quality EV chargers and services to customers around the world. For more about Sino Energy, please visit our company page or contact info.sino@pmac.com.cn for further information or to schedule a visit to our EV charger factory.

Welcome everyone to visit our new factory and explore opportunities for collaborative distribution partnerships!

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