Great news: “SINO ENERGY has successfully granted an invention patent certificate!”

Recently, SINO ENERGY, a global electric car charger manufacturer, is delighted to announce that the National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) has granted us a significant invention patent certificate.

The patent is titled “Virtual synchronous charging machine and its control method, electronic equipment, storage medium.“, and was filed in March 2019. The invention patent certificate was successfully granted on September 1, 2023. This certificate comes with a substantial validity period of 20 years from the date of the original application.

This patent involves the control method of a virtual synchronous charging machine, including steps such as parameter collection, determining the fluctuation range of the power grid frequency, and updating the initial value of active power. Additionally, it covers electronic devices and readable storage media used to execute the control method of the virtual synchronous charging machine. This technological innovation allows real-time adjustment of output power based on the frequency fluctuations on the input side of the power grid, providing crucial support for flexible adjustment of power grid loads and contributing to the stable balance between generation and load. Through fuzzy control algorithms, this innovation simplifies the complexity of system design, particularly suitable for controlling nonlinear, time-varying, lagging, and incompletely modeled systems, without relying on the precise mathematical models of the controlled objects.

The acquisition of this invention patent is the embodiment and extension of the SINO ENERGY company’s important core technology, which is conducive to further improving the SINO ENERGY company’s intellectual property protection system, promoting electric car charger product technological innovation, thereby enhancing the SINO ENERGY company’s core competitiveness, providing robust support for the SINO ENERGY company’s technical strength in the field of electric car charging.

As of today, SINO ENERGY company has more than 500 invention patents and 300 software copyrights. In addition to the newly acquired invention patent, the SINO ENERGY company has been honored with various international certifications such as ISO, CE, TUV, CMMI, and UL. Want to learn more about our certificate information? Feel free to explore our detailed About Us page to understand our outstanding performance in electric car charging technical innovation and quality management.

Our journey of innovation is not just a stack of numbers but a series of unique and remarkable achievements. This series of invention patents and software copyrights serves as the best evidence of our research team’s diligent efforts and represents our firm commitment to driving the electric car charger industry forward. It is a commitment to quality and safety, providing customers with reliable electric car charger products and services.

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