New Progress Reached in Tourist Service Station EV Charger Project!

On May 1, 2022, the EV charging station of the tourist service station constructed by SINO ENERGY was successfully commissioned, marking that the service station can be fully put into operation.

The EV charger project, a testament to SINO ENERGY’s commitment to pioneering sustainable energy infrastructure, has reached an important juncture. With the successful commissioning of the EV charging station, the tourist service station is poised to become a hub for eco-friendly mobility solutions.

“The completion of the EV charging station marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards shaping a greener and more sustainable future,” said Yang Yong, project manager at SINO ENERGY. “We believe that sustainable energy solutions should seamlessly integrate into people’s lives, and this project exemplifies our dedication to that vision.”

The tourist service station, strategically situated to cater to travelers, will not only provide conventional services but also emerge as a sustainable pit stop. Equipped with advanced charging infrastructure, including the newly commissioned EV charging station, the station aims to promote the adoption of electric vehicles while ensuring the convenience of travelers.

This achievement aligns perfectly with SINO ENERGY’s mission to revolutionize the energy landscape. The company remains committed to pioneering innovative solutions that cater to evolving energy demands and the pressing need for eco-friendly alternatives.

As the EV charging station’s successful commissioning ushers in a new era of operation for the tourist service station, SINO ENERGY continues to spearhead the drive towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. Watch this space for further updates as the station gears up to serve travelers while contributing to a greener world.

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