RENWEX 2024 & Sino Energy

Booth: 21E01-24

As part of the Renwex 2024 exhibition, our EV charging solutions are highly appealing to businesses pursuing sustainability, whether you are a visitor or an exhibitor.

RENWEX. Energy Saving, Green Energy and Electric Vehicles feature an international exhibition and specialized forum. It runs under the slogan «Creating the future of renewable energy together».

The exhibition and forum will allow to unlock the potential of companies and come up with the implementation of the projects which will undoubtedly serve as the foundation for the growth of RES technologies.

If you are interested in EV chargers or E-Mobility charging solutions for public, home, or commercial, please let us stay in contact and use our contact form.

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Sino Energy team

Sino Energy Team at the Renwex 2024!

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How to Find Us at the Renwex 2024!

Sino Energy, as an exhibitor at Renwex 2024, located at booth 21E01-24, represents the ideal link between charging technology and the rapidly evolving electric vehicle industry. The exhibition focuses on charging infrastructure and electric vehicles, providing us with an excellent platform to showcase Sino Energy’s advanced charging station products and technologies. These are particularly crucial for manufacturers, utility companies, and CPOs (Charge Point Operators) in the electric vehicle sector, as they require efficient and accurate charging solutions to enhance their products and services.

Sino Energy Exhibition Floorplan RENWEX 2024

What Are the Highlights of 21E01-24?

Sino Energy EV Chargers Product

Diverse EV Chargers
Product Showcase

Our booth 21E01-24 will feature a variety of EV charging stations catering to residential, commercial, and public needs, offering customized EV charging solutions for various business clients.

Innovative Charging Technology Showcase

Innovative Charging
Technology Showcase

We will showcase the latest charging technologies, including smart charging, ultra-fast charging, and SKD charging solutions, providing businesses with a more convenient and efficient charging user experience.

EV Charging Station Solutions Consultation

EV Charging Station
Solutions Consultation

Whether you are an exhibitor, a corporate customer or a government agency, our professional team will provide charging station solution consulting services based on your needs at booth 21E01-24.

Sino EV Charger For Your Public, Home, And Commercial EV Charging Solutions


DC EV Charging Station
Learn more


120kW / 160kW / 240kW
DC EV Charging Station
Learn more


60kW / 120kW / 160kW
DC EV Charging Station
Learn more


DC EV Charging Station
Learn more


240kW / 360kW / 480kW
Dynamic Split Charging Sytstem
Learn more


3kW / 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW
AC EV Charging Station
Learn more


3kW / 7.4kW / 11kW / 22kW
AC EV Charging Station
Learn more

Sino Energy

The Reliable Manufacturer And Partner
You Can Trust

Sino Energy is a trusted global electric vehicle charging station manufacturer, who is dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. We focus on EV charging station design, R&D, production, and marketing, enabling us to provide comprehensive electric vehicle charging solutions for homes and businesses.

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Who are we

We are a reliable electric vehicle charging station factory, specializing in providing 3kW-960kW one-stop charging solutions.

Charging for a better life starts with us!






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We sincerely invite you to visit our booth 21E01-24 and discuss with us the development and innovative solutions of the smart charging infrastructure industry. Whether you are an industry expert, an electric vehicle manufacturer, or a CPO, we look forward to interacting with you and providing you with professional charging services and support.