Global Partnerships: SINO EV Charging Stations Installation in Thailand


We partnered with a prominent Thai energy company to successfully implement our EV connect charging stations at key locations in Thailand, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions.


As Thailand pushes forward with its green initiatives, demand for EV charging infrastructure has surged. Recognizing this opportunity, our Thai partner client, a leading energy solutions provider in Thailand, sought a reliable partner to support their vision. We were selected for our innovative technology and comprehensive services.

EV charging station installation: SINO PEVC3108E (120KW-240KW) 

Features: fast charging capabilities, smart grid integration and compatibility with various EV models

Challenges & Solutions:

One of the main challenges was adapting to local grid and regulatory standards. Our technical team successfully met these requirements, ensuring seamless integration and compliance.


Based on the needs of our customers, we provide them with a comprehensive set of charging station solutions, including charging station equipment, charging management system and back-office support services. Our charging station equipment adopts advanced technology and is characterized by high efficiency, safety, and reliability, which can meet the charging needs of different types of electric vehicles.

During the project implementation, Zhuhai SINO Energy Technology Co., Ltd.’s engineering team worked closely with the Thai client to ensure that the installation and commissioning of the charging stations went smoothly. Our engineers have the experience and expertise to respond quickly to customer needs and provide high-quality technical support.

Through cooperation with the Thai customer, Zhuhai SINO Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (EV charging station manufacturers) successfully provided a reliable and efficient EV charging station solution. This not only provides Thai customers with convenient charging facilities but also makes an important contribution to the promotion of sustainable transportation in Thailand.

level 3 ev charging stations
level 3 ev charging stations


The success of this cooperation is attributed to Zhuhai SINO Energy Technology Co., Ltd.’s expertise and rich experience in the field of commercial EV charging stations, as well as its close cooperation with customers. We will continue to provide high-quality charging station solutions to our global customers and promote the development of sustainable transportation.

Our successful partnership in Thailand demonstrates our global reach and our ability to customize solutions to meet the unique needs of different markets. We are committed to continuing to advance electric vehicle infrastructure and support the transition to a greener future.

About Sino Energy

Sino Energy is a trusted global manufacturer, dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy in the electric vehicle industry. We focus on EV charging stations design, R&D, production, and marketing, and we can bring home and business EV car charging solutions.

Founded in 2006, with headquarters in Zhuhai, Sino Energy’s mission is to deliver exceptional value and quality EV chargers and services to customers around the world. SINO ENERGY has offered high-quality EV chargers and high-efficiency charging solutions for family and commercial use in more than 80 countries. For more about SINO EV Charging Stations, please visit our company page or contact for further information or to schedule a visit to our factory.

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