Level 2 Charging Stations Installation and Maintenence

With the development in automobile industry, electric cars are becoming more and more popular and the charging technology is faster and more convenient than ever. And if you would like to run your EV at a cost significantly lower than the gas-powered car, surely, home EV charging is the way to go. If your EVs are short ranges and you have a longer journey, then you may need public charging.  

Usually, there are three types of electric car charging stations which are level 1, 2, and 3 as variants. Each variety has its specific installation process. The Level 1 EV chargers come with your electric vehicle and don’t require any particular installation. You can just plug that charger into the standard wall outlet. DC fast Charging is level 3 which usually occupies huge spaces and heavy and is for commercial super power charging. In this passage, we will take a look at the level 2 home chargers or usually we call them AC chargers, mainly on their installation and maintenance. :

Level 2 Charging Stations Installation

  • 1. Preparation for electrical service for amps.

If the size of your house’s electrical service in amps is not sufficient for adding electric vehicle charging station, you will need an experienced electrician to get more electricity flowing into the house, as well as probably upgrading the electrical panel that contains your home’s circuit breakers. 

  • 2. Where to install the electric car charger?

You have to confirm the location If you would like to install the level 2 charger at your private parking spot, especially the one that belongs to your apartment buildings, you have to check if your parking lot can be connected to the power grid and you must get the permission and cooperation of the property management company and get the consent. Local building codes often require permits and inspections. Making an error with an electrical installation can cause material damage to your home and electrical systems.

  • 3. How to choose the right charger.

Lots of charging infrastructure can be available in the market. Those fast chargers with famous brands are always highly recommended as they can be with nice after-sale service and warranties. When you make a choice on various electric car chargers, make sure if they are also certified with CE, ROHS, TUV, or CCC, etc. Sino EV chargers are expertise in this field. You may have your budget, yet, compatibility and the charge cable length can also be considered before you make your purchase.

  • 4. Installation work.

If you can handle installing an EV charger by yourself with the guidance of manual from the EV charger manufacturer, things will go easier. Still, considering the technical nature and risk of a Level 2 EV charger DIY installation, it is wise and safer to hire a professional electrician to install your charging station.

  • 5. Final Step

Once it’s installed, you should inspect installation to ensure it’s up to code to make sure your installation is safe. Lots electricity coursing through your home charger setup, so make sure your charger installation was done correctly and up to code!

Level 2 Charging Stations Maintenence

  1. Do not place inflammable, explosive or combustible materials, chemicals, flammable vapors or other dangerous materials near your vehicle charging station 
  1. Keep the charging gun head clean and dry. If there is dirt, wipe it with a clean dry cloth. Do not touch the charging gun pins with your hand when charging or powering on.
  1. It is strictly prohibited to use the home charger when the charging gun or charging cable is defective, cracked, worn, damaged, or the charging cable is exposed. If anything is wrong, please contact the staff of manufacturer or electrician immediately;
  1. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify your charging stations by any means. For repairs or modifications, please contact professional staff. Improper operation may cause damage, water leakage, leakage, etc.

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