What Can You Benefit From An EV Charging Station At Home

You may have to spend upfront costs for purchasing and installing an EV charger at home. Yet, it is still worth to have one. Here is an article for you to know a few minor benefits of owning an EV charging station at your place.

Benefits Of EV Charging Station At Home

1. Save More Costs:

Installing a residential charging station is indeed an upfront cost. Yet, charging your EV at home is still cheaper than charging at public charging stations if you have an electric car. Utility company can offer specific off-peak rates that are significantly lower than the standard rates offered during peak hours when demand for power supply is higher. You can create a charging plan on when it is most cost-effective such as to schedule their charging in off-peak periods and set a maximum charge level.

Also, it provides real-time information on the amount of energy used to support tax benefits claims. Some utility providers even offer specific energy tariffs for households with electric cars, which could help you make greater savings when compared to your current rate.

2. Overall Convenience

It also enables them to make important savings on fuel and maintenance costs, and You can charge your car at any time when you have an EV charger in your home. This ends the countless days and wasted hours in lining up and waiting for the EV to be charged. A type 2 charger will usually take around 3-7 hours to fully charge your electric car. The convenience of being able to charge at home makes your life much easier, especially if your battery is running low. but with a home charger, all you have to do is park up, plug in, and go about your normal business as it charges. You don’t need to worry about finding an available charging station to charge your electric car. Waiting for hours at a charging station is not realistic.

3. Schedule Charging Sessions

One of the greatest and most helpful features of a smart charger is the ability to schedule charging sessions. You can plug the car into the charging station but delay starting the charging session.

There are many reasons to delay starting the charging session. For most homeowners, their energy provider offers off-peak energy rates at certain times of day. To use energy in the most cost-effective way, users can schedule charging to fall within this time frame to significantly reduce the costs of charging in the long term. Users can gain complete control when their charging starts, finishes and the maximum charge level. This schedule can be changed at any time to adjust to a busy life and changed plans.

4. Charging Updates Received:

Smart charging allows you to have access to live charge updates in the app. You are able to track when the charging session has started and stopped. This is valuable to those who plug and leave their cars in an out of sight area. You will immediately know when your car has been unplugged and be able fix this.

5. Charging An EV At Home Is Safer

As long as the charger is installed safely by a certified EV electrician, it is easy and completely safe to charge it yourself at home. If you leave your car in a public charging station for long periods of time, there is a greater chance it could be damaged by the weather, vandalized, or worse still, even stolen. With an EV charger in your garage, you can leave your car plugged in all night without fear. Plus, you don’t worry about anyone unplugging your EV at home.

sino EV AC charger
SINO EV AC charger

6. Lengthens EV’s Battery Life.

Continuous use and constant charging, just like the battery in a smartphone, make it less able to hold energy as time passes. To avoid battery degradation, it’s advised to have a full battery instead of just a few hours of tapping on the public charging station. So a home EV charger is the best choice for this type of charging. By regularly topping off your battery at home, you can help prolong its lifespan and keep it functioning properly for years to come. Plus, having a home charger is more convenient than relying on public stations, which can often be crowded and hard to find. So if you’re looking to keep your EV battery in tip-top shape, then having a home EV charger is ideal for this type of charging situation.

7. Added Property Value With Home EV Charger

As electric vehicles become more popular, the demand for homes with charging stations increases. If you own an apartment with the installation of an EV charger can also be a good way to attract new tenants. Besides, a home with a charger is likely to sell at a higher price than a comparable home without a charger. Buyers who have an EV surely prefer houses that have an EV charger unit ready. So installing a home EV charger is a smart move. 

8. Optimization Of Sustainable Energy Usage

If you have installed home solar systems, you can run your electric vehicle on solar power. No need to reply on utility companies at all. Reduce your carbon footprint and costs by powering your home without the grid! You can optimize the use of this through the scheduling feature. You are also making contribution to the environment by this 0 carbon emission!

Without hesitation, So go ahead and call your local EV home charger installer. The benefits of having one outweigh its initial installation cost.

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