Electric Car Charging Station for your investing business

The global market for electric vehicle is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate inevitably driving the need for charging infrastructure. The development of battery technology also helps to decrease battery costs and increase vehicle ranges. Policy of many national governments, cities, and regional municipalities offers incentives and grants for EV charging stations. The sense of environmental responsibility among consumers to reduce carbon footprint is also one of the accelerators to EV adoption. Many entrepreneurs are starting investing EV charging business as EV charging stations become increasingly important.

Here are some homework for your charging station business.

  • Sites for Installing EV Charging Stations

Population density, land values, and local income rates should be taken into consideration. Also, make sure that you have a convenient location for EV drivers and enough space to accommodate the EV chargers.

  • Building Codes and Standards, Permits and Approvals

Make sure long-term success compliance with local fire and building codes for EV Charging Stations; Maximizing Efficiency by getting the permit and approvals. Double check the zone, utility and other approval by your government and municipality.

  • Visibility and Lighting Conditions

Make sure your charging station is easy to be spotted. The adequate lighting for safety in the darkness or evening should also be considered.

  • Different EV Charger Types

There are three main types of EV chargers which are Level 1 which is slow charging, Level 2 that is fast charging and Level 3 for Rapid charging. You may consider what kind of service that you would like to offer, for personal or commercial use? If you would to service commercial and passenger vehicles, you will need EV chargers with higher power output and more space for parking. These EV chargers are mainly DC charging stations that generally charge an electric car up to 80% within 20 minutes, and can fully charge the vehicle in an hour’s time. If for personal use, different AC charging stations can be your options.

AC EV chargers for business
  • EV Charger Installation

It will be expensive and complex to install EV charging stations, so it will be better to hire the qualified and experienced installers who can properly and completely install EV chargers in compliance with all local codes. The cost of materials, labor, permits, and inspections should be also considered.

  • Software for EV Charging Stations

It is vital to take this into consideration. Software helps businesses and individuals manage and optimize their charging infrastructure to provide users with a seamless, hassle-free experience. When you are looking for the perfect EV charging management solution for your business, some key features like infrastructure management, customer management, monetization, reports & real-time analytic and customer mobile EV App should be considered to operate your EV charging station,

  • Maintenance and Repair of EV Charging Infrastructure 

General maintenance for charging infrastructure includes storing charging cables securely, checking parts periodically, and keeping the equipment clean, repairs and troubleshooting as well. 

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