How to Choose an EV Charger? How To Extend Your EV Battery’s Life?

From the perspective of battery maintenance, choosing a suitable charging station is crucial to extending the life of new energy vehicle batteries. Here are some key factors and suggestions to help you make an informed choice:

1. Match the voltage and current of the charging station

Make sure the charger’s voltage and current match your EV battery specifications. The battery voltage range of different car models may be different. Choosing a charging station with an appropriate voltage range can avoid overcharging or undercharging, thereby protecting the battery.

2. Choice of charging speed

While fast charging stations can charge a large amount of power into a battery in a short period of time, frequent use of fast charging can have a negative impact on battery life. Although slow charging (AC charging) takes longer, it causes less damage to the battery. Ideally, a combination of slow and fast charging would be used in everyday use, such as using slow charging at home or at night, and fast charging when a quick top-up is needed.

evse charging station _ sino energy
evse charging station

3. Reasonable charging

Lithium batteries are suitable for shallow cycle use. Partial charge and discharge are better than complete charge and discharge. The charge and discharge interval is narrowed based on 50% capacity, which can significantly extend the battery life. Whether it is ternary lithium or lithium iron phosphate, the factor that most affects its life is the depth of discharge, followed by the charging method and usage environment. Within the scope of our convenience, the best maintenance of battery life is to increase the charging frequency, that is, to reduce the depth of discharge. At the same time, try to avoid charging in high or low temperature environments.

Car owners can choose the appropriate power EV charger for charging according to their own needs. SINO is a company that can provide full scene coverage and full-line automation from DC to AC, from forced air cooling to independent air ducts and liquid cooling, from integrated to split, from national standards to European standards and American standards, from 3.5kW to 800kW. A well-developed charging station company. Whether you are using it at home or building a charging point, SINO charging station can meet your needs.

ev car charging station _ sino energy
ev car charging station

4. Follow correct charging procedures

When driving an electric automobile, you should try to avoid sudden acceleration, sudden braking and high-speed driving. This will not only affect the life of the battery but also increase energy consumption. During driving, maintain a stable vehicle speed and use the air conditioner appropriately to reduce the load on the electrical equipment in the vehicle.

Also, avoid leaving your car idle for long periods of time to prevent the battery from self-discharging. When the battery temperature is high, the vehicle performance will be limited. Please leave the vehicle stationary and wait for the battery temperature to drop before using it. Do not drive without power for a long time, let alone store it with power for a long time. Otherwise, the above conditions will affect battery life and battery life.

vehicle charging stations _ sino energy
vehicle charging stations

5. Periodic inspection

Car owners should regularly check the battery status of new energy vehicles, including the health status of the battery. Once an abnormality is discovered, it should be dealt with in time to avoid the problem from expanding.

SINO charging station can provide professional battery safety assessment functions and provide charging users with vehicle battery health scores and early warnings based on basic vehicle battery data, charging process data, charging process battery data, and comprehensive data calculations. Combined with SINO’s self-developed AI technology, the battery performance is analyzed online to ensure user charging safety.

6. Reasonable storage

If your Electric car is not used for a long time, the battery should be stored properly. The battery should be fully charged before storage and kept dry and clean. During storage, the battery status should be checked regularly and the battery should be kept in a proper state of charge.

When the vehicle is not used for a long time (more than 7 days), the battery should be kept at 40% to 60%; when the vehicle is not used (more than 3 months), the power battery needs to be fully charged and then discharged to 40% to 60%. In order to keep the power battery in optimal condition, please use a charging device to fully charge the power battery regularly. (It is recommended to refill at least once a week). Slow charging at least once a month can better protect the battery by keeping the battery power above 30%. When using the car, try to keep the battery level between 20% and 80%. A charging strategy of mainly slow charging and supplemented by fast charging can extend the life of the battery pack.

If you are worried about how to choose the right charging station with guaranteed quality, you can take a look at our product catalog. There is always one to meet all your needs.

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