Technical Support

Rapid response and expert guidance for seamless charging operations.

Service Q&A

Exceptional customer care, ensuring optimal charging experiences and satisfaction.

Technical Support

Pre-sales consultation

When you need to purchase consultation, you can directly ask questions through pre-sales consultation, and there will be a dedicated account manager online to answer your questions and provide you with a professional charging solution.

At the same time, you can also call the sales staff directly, the hotline: +86 189 2939 4523 (working days 9:00-18:00).

After-sales support

When you have a problem to deal with, you can directly ask questions through after-sales support.

At the same time, you can also call the customer service staff directly and seek the corresponding help.

Customer service consultation: +86 189 2939 4523 (7 × 24 hours)

Our app support

Access essential support resources offline! Log in to our app and find a wealth of FAQs to guide you through any challenges you face. From common queries to complex issues, we’ve got you covered step-by-step.

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